Santal Fruit and red Tea Bottle 1000 ml

Santal Fruit and Red Tea - Fruit drink with juice and puree, with tea and herb extract

Code: 320520
Unit: 1000 ml


Carton: 6 units
Pallet: 115 cartons
Ingredients: water, fruit juices and puree 20% (grape juice 14.5%, pomegranate juice 2.2%, red currant puree 1.2%, apple puree 1.1%, elderberry juice 1.0%), tea and herb extracts 20% (water, extract of hibiscus, of redbush and tea), sugar, acidifier: citric acid; thickener: pectin; extract of black carrot, anti-oxidant: ascorbic acid; natural flavours. 20% min. fruit content
Ean code 80 02580 030677
Shelf life: 8 months

Published in fruit Drinks

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